What our patients are saying

Our patients have ranged in age from 20's to 70's. Some of the follow-up treatment notes I have recorded follow. We expect to post direct quote testimonials soon, once all the permission/privacy consents are received.

"...Family reports MUCH reduced snoring; patient feels more rested, sleeps 7-9 hours on weekends, something she had not been able to do before."

"...Bed partner reports no snoring, no gasping or any stopping breathing. Patient reports less tired during the day..."

"...Patient reports husband says snoring reduced 90%, she feels more rested, easier to get out of bed in the morning, Some bite difference in morning, resolves in 1 hour or less."

"...Able to steep with appliance 6-8 hours, comfortable, no snoring white wearing the appliance. No headaches."

"...I cannot sleep without the appliance. if I go to bed without it, I wake up in 10 minutes. I sleep better, and wake up feeling more refreshed. I have more energy throughout the day. My wife states: 'He doesn't snore at all.' I feel the CPAP alone can only take you so far, I highly recommend using the CPAP and a sleep appliance together."

"...Had I known about this treatment before CPAP. I never would have used the machine. I swear by it."

"...I have been fighting with the CPAP machine since 2004, My appliance is much easier and much more mobile too. I get much better sleep now than when I was on the machine."

"... I love my appliance. It's wonderful,"

"...I tried the machines, but could not use them. I realty can sleep without my appliance."

'... I feel so different since wearing the appliance. It is like night and day. I really like my appliance."