about our team


Karen is an Expanded Duty Dental Assistant (EDDA) with “almost as many” years experience in dentistry as Dr. McCrillis. She has learned the insurance and administrative side of treating sleep apnea patients with oral appliances over the same years as Dr McCrillis’ clinical education. Karen assists with the clinical side and oversees the subsequent submission of insurance claims with all supporting documentation. Karen has worked with Dr McCrillis since 1993.


Judy is Business Accounts Coordinator, Scheduler, and Administrative Assistant. She has many years experience as an Office Manager, and has been with Dr McCrillis since 2000. Her expertise includes providing up-front information about oral appliance treatment in clear language and guiding financial decisions and alternatives.

Karen K.

Karen K brings a wealth of experience in the dental healthcare field. She has primary resposibility for all clinical aspects, including taking X-rays and impressions, recording all clinical findings, and handling our clinical correspondence with our patients' other healthcare team members. She is Dr McCrillis' "hands-on" help and is a very welcome addition to our team.