louisville dental sleep medicine

Sleeping couple Louisville Dental Sleep Medicine is dedicated to helping sleep apnea sufferers through the use of FDA approved intra-oral appliances. Obstructive sleep apnea occurs when air cannot flow in or out of a person's nose or mouth although efforts to breathe continue. These episodes of breathing obstruction can disrupt sleep leading to daytime sleepiness and can be the cause of cardiac problems.

While loud, constant snoring is not harmful to the snorer, it can be disruptive to bed partners and other household members causing sleepless nights it can, however, be an indication of the potentially life-threatening disease called obstructive sleep apnea.

Oral appliances reposition the jaw and tongue to a more forward position during sleep. This helps keep the airway open controlling snoring and minimizing obstructive sleep apnea leading to less loss of sleep, more restful nights, less daytime fatigue and heart disease.

Dr John McCrillis of Louisville Dental Sleep Medicine is the first dentist in Kentucky credentialed by the Certification Board of the Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine in providing oral appliances for obstructive sleep apnea and snoring.

Louisville Dental Sleep Medicine is conveniently located at our new address at 3935 DuPont Circle, Suite C in Louisville, Kentucky. Louisville Dental Sleep Medicine can be reached by phone at 502-458-7476